Q & A with Frank McAveety: Leader of Glasgow Council

Frank McAveety became leader of Glasgow council last year for the second time in his career. After almost 30 years in public life in the city, he talks to New Start about solving the ‘Glasgow effect’ and dealing with ‘referendumitis’. ——————————————— Q: What are the particular challenges of Glasgow’s economy? A: One of the challenges Glasgow will always have is its location in the UK. How does Glasgow assert its unique character economically in a relatively small country in which it dominates, with 40% of Scotland’s population in the greater Glasgow region? Even London doesn’t overwhelm the rest of England to the same extent. There have also been two big economic dislocations for Glasgow – the oil prices in the 70s and the monetarist policies of the late 70s and 80s. Glasgow has tried to respond in different ways in each decade. One of the commitments of the past was … (To read more, subscribe below)

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Clare Goff

Clare Goff

Clare Goff is editor of New Start magazine

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