TestTown: Using pop-ups to imagine and create future places

TestTown finalists in Glasgow in 2016 TestTown helps young people try out their business ideas for real, in empty shops on UK high streets. This year’s grand final was in Glasgow’s Saltmarket district, as Kirsty Tait reports ‘This is where Glasgow started,’ replied one trader when asked by our young TestTown finalists about the Saltmarket in Glasgow. A nod to the rich historic and cultural value of the area to the city centre. Originally known as the Waulcergait, the area was associated with wool production and it was the fashionable place to live and work for 18th century merchants. Like most areas in the UK and Ireland, it has known its highs and lows over the years and like many present day high streets spirits are currently quite low. ‘The rent keeps getting put up, the area has no identity – we need more shops,’ responded … (To read more, subscribe below)

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Kirsty Tait

Kirsty Tait is projects officer at Carnegie UK Trust

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