Who is big good for?

The era of ‘big’ has failed us. The answer is not a return to small-minded protectionism but to a more ‘mixed era’ in which we balance the big and the small, the global and the local, says Robin McAlpine Who is big good for? We’ve been saturation-bombed with messages that tell us that big is good. Big supermarkets give us cheap food, big retailers give us fast service, big banks give us cheap loans, big coffee shop chains give us consistent coffee… But hold on – is there no down side to all this ‘big is beautiful’ stuff? Don’t big supermarkets close down lots and lots of local small businesses? Hasn’t our food got worse, more processed, less healthy? Haven’t our waistlines got quite a lot bigger along with the supermarkets? Don’t big retailers control our high streets and exclude small and medium-scale producers from gaining market access? Don’t they … (To read more, subscribe below)

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Robin McAlpine is director of the Common Weal

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